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In the 34th Century, humanity is gasping at the all knowing miracle of evolution when a new fancy human is born. This human is born with advanced properties such as brain capacity, increased hearing pitch ranges, iron stomach, and more. This caused a huge uproar in memes and political standpoints all over the web, with some people calling it human 2.0 and others correcting them saying its human 20.1. Because of this new stage in humanity religious churches has symbolized this as  the message from god and or the demons spawn. Even few scientist believe this as a defect and its not a new evolution in the line of humanity. All of which is causing an uproar in society wondering if you are the truth behind evolution, a defect, or truly human. You the main character of this demo, Are put through many abstract nightmares conveying certain tasks such as experimenting with scientist, Running away from inner demons and or just moving a box to another platform. All while discovering yourself to what you really are. Time for some self exploration and nightmare hopping!


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